My first incursion into the art wold was about 20 years ago. At the time I was interested in the direction of Street Art. It then developed into a hobby. I found myself expressing myself through drawings, once or twice a year, through different stages of my life, and varying emotions from both ends of the spectrum.

The desire to learn more about Art grew inside me, with each year my wish 
to learn and explore greater than before.

I call myself a Modern Artist. I’m deeply influenced by my travels, which afforded me the opportunity to view artwork in museums and galleries around the world. I am deeply moved by Abstractionism, Surrealism  and Pop Art. It’s from here that I develop my own style, who’s metamorphosis has yet to end. I have been best described as a modern artist of the 22nd century.

The work I create today incorporates all experiences I’ve had, focussing on the minute detail of a moment, to the wider brush strokes of an era. Each picture has a profound meaning, if you are looking at it from it’s desired angle. 

This is where I see my true artistic roots lie allowing me be a significant artist who can convey my personal psyche whilst celebrating the freedom of control to express this clearly. 

I have participated in competitions globally and I study in "Reial Cercle Artistic De Barcelona".

Being a young modern artist I am very proud of what I create and the interest it has achieved and received globally.

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